The role of social media in modern day relationships

Social media has become an increasingly useful tool for a person to try and build a relationship, through the use of Facebook especially. Facebook has become a social media site to attempt to gain in touch old friends and family over a persons lifetime – and admittedly I too have become a person who is not opposed to using social media to get in touch with an old crush. Being able to ‘like’ and comment on your current infatuations posts and photos to attempt to gain their attention has become a useful tool for people. Over the past decade, I have seen many people get in touch with their crushes through social media and with the evolution of Facebook this task has become ever more easier due to the chat functions – even my own mother, Michele has used Facebook to get in touch with an old school friend called Pete; these two have now been together for 8 years and have a son; my brother Ben.

The use of social media to create relationships has become even more apparent with the use of smart phone apps such as ‘Tinder’ which allows you to see people in the area and talk to them if they are too matched with you – and I am not ashamed to admit, I have been on a couple of dates through using Tinder which has allowed me to meet a great girl who I have been with for over 6 months now.

Furthermore, this weeks blog has looked at both my subjective and objective views of how social media has been an effective tool to meet an old crush and possibly a persons soul mate; in the case of my own mother.


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